July 15, 2021 1 min read

AS Racewear's husband's passion lies with Sidecarcross having ridden competitively in the late 1980's for those of you unsure this is a brief description of Sidecarcross. The image is of multi time British Champions Stuart Brown & Josh Chamberlain.

Sidecarcross is very similar to regular motocross but with a different type of motorcycle chassis, and with a team of two people riding together instead of one. Sidecarcross is carried out in the same way as regular motocross on  the same tracks. Handlingoffcourseis different due to the sidecar. 
The driver handles the bike
a bitsimilar to the way he does in regular motocross races but the bike doesn’t lean on turns. And that’s where the passenger comes into play and  has to deliver on the crucial task of moving his weight around in the sidecar  to ensure that the bike goes faster and does not flip over  on turns and jumps. In fact it’s the passenger who ends up doing more physical activity in this sport than the driver. Hence it’s important that the passenger is in the best physical condition possible before he gets into the sidecar.
One of the most important aspects of sidecar racing is teamwork; the best sidecar teams in the world developed a high  level of teamwork needed to be successful in the sport.